Monday, December 26, 2011

Tokyo in a Flash

On your mark... get set... GO!

The late morning rush, not so busy at 11:45 am on the platform, but when you have to walk through the Tokyo underground to get to the street, things get crazy real fast

 I love these trains. The Shinkansen, comparable to an airplane on railway tracks but without air turbulence, is a necessary means of transportation if you're attempting to travel to any major city. 

 Homie's contemplating lunch

Tokyo underground

I popped out of the ground here....

...only to go back underground... I could pop up here to meet a friend in Ginza, Tokyo

 For all your consumer needs, Ginza is the New York of Japan, complete with all your favorite stores: Gucci, Louis V, Rolex, Burberry... I instantly felt the need to reclude to the underground a third time

 sick buildings though.. I'd rather buy food

So then it was the notorious Tsukiji Fish Market on the SE corner of Tokyo. Right by the bay, the place is comprised of boat docks, distribution centers, and huge auction warehouses, through which, as early as 5 am, fresh seafood (literally anything your imagination can think of) trickles down to nearby food stands, small restaurants, and street vendors in a farmers' market-esque venue. This is the place to get fresh uni (sea urchin), not in San Diego where it comes out of tupperware after chillin' for who knows how I once experienced to my dismay, though here I opted to get tree kine maguro (tuna) because uni looks like poo and tastes like ocean which I already get tons of when I surf back home.

 Maguro (standard to fatty) akami, chu-toro, o-toro...all of which are butter

No big deal, fresh grilled oysters...


Public art is epic

Tokyo from Roppongi

Eiffel Tower or Tokyo Tower? Answer: both



 Always classic

 European influence



Evening rush hour. Push and shove, we all either became better friends or physically violated


more cake...

Tokyo treats

Starbucks makes us feel at home, complete with Kelly Clarkson beats. Capitalism at its best

Lights, cameras, action, glamour, glitter and gold 


 Still lost...

Found the bomb grinds!

(In this little nook)

Apparently this place is some 40 yrs old, literally a hole in the wall yakitori spot

 We went with the less crowded nook

 Finished with whisky at a spot you'll never find from the street

 Fool straight passed out next to me. At least he didn't fall past the yellow lines onto the track

 I think this is what ur expected to do when waiting for the train

Yakitori looks tempting when you're drunk, equivalent of a taco stand in CA

After 10 pm, you see a lot of these guys, hard working no doubt

Ending the day with a couple onigiri rice balls and a tall boy, chee pono. 

Can't wait to go back for New Year's Eve!

Ah Berri Merri Kurisumasu, 2011年

Yes, the Japanese celebrate Christmas... though modest in scale, its a commercialized holiday as it is in all developed countries. Although presents and traditional foods are scarce... the holiday spirit is definitely present. Instead of getting an iPad, a new bike, or a sick lawnmower, cakes and xmas lights make it a holiday well-worth celebrating. Merry Christmas to all!!
Modest Xmas Tree

 The G.P.s are stoked

 My uncle is ridiculous...

 someone's special request

Surprisingly Western this year, although there was also Chinese food...

Cheers to alcohol

And then theres cake

and more cake

Christmas would not be the same without a sleeping grandpa

The kids at the dept store are pumped

Baskin Robbins is feeling festive, wait, Baskin Robbins?

Santa comes out of the woodworks 

more cake?

One thing is for sure, they love Christmas lights, or should I say "ee-ru-mi-nay-shon" which translates to "illumination." Tokyo Midtown shows the world the bright side of life

Taking it to another level...

...and then to the extreme

Hope everyone had a good one this year, Christmas is what you make of it, and to all a goodnight!